Welcoming Mo Kinberg for Ward D to Team Fulop 

We are excited to announce the newest addition to our team- Mo Kinberg. As a long time Heights activist, Mo has proven her dedication for her community, and we know she will work each and every day to move Ward D forward. 

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About Mo

Moriah “Mo” Kinberg has dedicated her professional life to progressive causes, working as a community organizer for over a decade.  Through her leadership on the Healthy Schools Now campaign, Kinberg raised awareness about the deplorable conditions of New Jersey’s urban school districts and pushed the Christie administration to build and repair schools across New Jersey. Working on a Transportation Alternatives campaign, Kinberg mobilized transit riders for more reliable and accessible public transit and worked on legislation to stop politicians from robbing desperately needed dedicated transportation funds to fill budget gaps. Kinberg worked with United Food and Commercial Workers, Local 1500 to create incentives for grocery stores to open in low-income urban neighborhoods, creating jobs and bringing fresh food to neighborhoods desperate of both. Kinberg also worked on a campaign to protect freelancers from wage theft and currently is working on New Jersey’s water infrastructure issues.

Mo Kinberg moved to the Heights in 2010 and immediately got involved. She used her skills as a community organizer to tackle neighborhood issues. In 2011 she started the Riverview Farmers Market which has been has been an incubator for small businesses and nonprofit organizations as well as an outdoor community center and venue for arts and music. Kinberg has continued to use her skills as an organizer to address neighborhood issues like trash and parking. She has organized civic engagement forums to connect community members with elected officials and city departments and to get more people involved in the political process.

She attributes her dedication to building community to her parents. Her father was the only Rabbi in the town of Eugene, Oregon where she grew up. He was a social justice leader who served the entire community and brought people of faith together. Her mom is a Moroccan Jew and teacher who continues to teach her about her experience as an immigrant and to be in service of those in need.

After living in Oregon, California and New York, she fell in love with Jersey City Heights and has chosen to put down her roots and start a family here. She has been called a “civic warrior” based on her passion for her community proven track record accomplishments locally and professionally.

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“Mo has long served as an example of a positive force in the Heights community, and has proven to be someone who cares deeply about improving her neighborhood in a variety of ways.
As Mayor, and as a resident of the Heights, I am proud to support Mo for Council this November, knowing she will continue to be a strong advocate for the residents of the Heights.”
- Steve Fulop