Jersey City is changing. During the past five years, we have seen growth unlike anything we have seen before...

Businesses both large and small are moving in at an incredible rate, bringing jobs and opportunities to every corner of the city. Development has begun to spread away from the waterfront, with the first tower in three decades currently under construction in Journal Square. We've made it a priority to ensure that this development benefits everyone, and we have begun crucial investments in city-wide affordable housing.  

This remarkable economic growth has allowed us to implement some of the most progressive programs and policies in the state. We began by passing groundbreaking paid-sick leave legislation. We've raised the minimum wage for our city's employees. We've invested in a prisoner re-entry program that has since become a national model. 

This is just the beginning of a new chapter in Jersey City's story. With sound policy ideas and precise implementation, we can make sure that the entire city moves forward, and that we can truly embrace the Marine Corps philosophy -- nobody gets left behind -- ever.