New York City has the most famous skyline in the world. No debate about that. But across the river, Jersey City is giving them something to think about.

During the past three years, we’ve experienced a construction boom. Jersey City is now leading the state in construction starts with 7,000 units under construction and 19,000 approved or planned, the highest number of home building permits of any municipality in New Jersey. During the past three years, we have seen an additional 8,000 units completed. 

Construction has begun on what will soon be New Jersey's tallest building. The 950 foot structure is being built along the city's waterfront- changing the city's incredible skyline and bringing in new residents and new business. 

Bringing this type of development to neighborhoods away from the waterfront is an important piece to our vision for Jersey City. For the first time in 30 years, we are seeing residential construction happening in neighborhoods other than Downtown, such as Journal Square and McGinley Square. 

This construction is expanding the city’s tax base so we can provide the best schools, parks, and public safety of any city in the area. In fact, we’ve increased our tax base faster than any other city in the state.