Recognizing Our Police Officers

Yesterday, the Jersey City Police Department welcomed a new class of officers to the department, proudly swearing in one of the most diverse classes in the city’s history. 

We are committed to supporting the best police department, and since 2013 when we took office, we have brought our police force from 770 to 870 officers.

It was only a few years ago that Jersey City was known as a place where the police department did not adequately reflect our community. We have come a long way since then, and I am proud that nearly 70% of the officers hired since 2013 have been minorities. We have shown our commitment to growing our police force in smart and equitable ways, and our newest officers are proof of this. 

In celebration of these new officers who are beginning their careers with the Jersey City Police Department, I want to recognize the entire police force, who continue to dedicate their lives to the safety of our community, and who proudly serve each and every resident because they truly care about Jersey City. Thank you to these men and women who are helping us to build a stronger, safer community.