An Innovative City

As we try to make Jersey City a model of what is possible in government, we know that technology is crucial to better delivery ofservices. Over the past few years, Jersey City has become a pioneer in employing the types innovations that engage residents in ways that help us build a better city. 

Our newest tool is a mobile app that will allow residents to report issues throughout the city more easily, while also having access to view other reported issues in their neighborhood. 

You can download the app here.  

I am a big believer that increased accessibility to services andincreased transparency will lead to increased accountability. Technology can help achieve this.

Whether it was Jersey City being the first in New Jersey to partner with the navigation app Google Waze to allow residents to share real-time data on traffic, road closures and more, to being the first in the nation to launch the app-based, community-driven emergency response platform United Rescue to deliver the fastest emergency response times in the country, Jersey City is using technology to innovate and lead. Today's technology rollout is another step in the direction towards a better Jersey City.