Working Together to Build a Safer City

This week, Jersey City reached a significant milestone- for the first time in 20 years, we have grown the Jersey City Police Department above 900 officers. When our team took office in 2013, the Jersey City Police Department was at 779 officers, and during the past three years we have hired eight classes of new officers. We have achieved this while ensuring that residents see no tax increases. We are very proud of this accomplishment, and it will allow us to continue placing officers on walking posts throughout the city. You can read more about our new police hires by clicking here.

Police officers are not the only members of our community who are working to build a safer Jersey City. One year ago, our city became the first in the country to implement a volunteer medical rescue effort to compliment our existing full time EMS services. This program, known as United Rescue, hadn't been used anywhere else in the nation. Over 100 volunteers have been trained as first responders using innovative technologies that now make our EMS response times the fastest in the country.

United Rescue is now training its third class of volunteers. During the past year, these volunteers have responded to 1,000 calls, and have helped save the lives of Jersey City residents. If you are interested in becoming a United Rescue volunteer, please click here.