245 New Units of Affordable Housing

During the past two decades, there should have been a greater priority on building affordable housing in Jersey City. Despite the fact that we often feel as though we are making up for what should have been completed before, I know that we are making important progress. So far in our term, we have built more affordable housing than had been built in eight years prior.  Yet, I feel as though we are still just scraping the surface of the need in our city. 

This week, we secured another multi-million dollar grant to focus on building more affordable units in Jersey City. This funding will go towards supporting 245 units of affordable housing across three developments. Two of these developments will be mixed-income, and the third will be for seniors. As a city, we continue to emphasize the importance of equitable growth with the development of mixed-income projects such as these. Construction is currently underway on two additional mixed-income projects- the first in three decades- which will bring 165 units of affordable housing to the waterfront.

You can read more about this grant by clicking here

Jersey City now leads the state in the number of new affordable housing units. While there is much more work to be done, I am proud that we continue to move in the right directions for all of our residents.