The Way We View Crime

This week in Jersey City, we are making crucial upgrades that will literally change the way we view crime. It has been nearly two decades since Jersey City's CCTV security system has been invested in, and many cameras throughout the city have unfortunately become outdated. In an effort to better utilize this system to enhance our public safety efforts, we will be installing 200 brand new, state-of-the-art cameras over the next few months.

We have worked with community groups and the police advisory board to determine the best locations for these cameras. They will be placed in parks and public areas that have previously been neglected, not only helping to deter criminal activity, but also aiding our officers as they work to solve cases.

Our strategy for solving Jersey City's public safety challenges is multifaceted. While we have made incredible investments in manpower during the past three years with the hiring of more than 200 police officers, we must also invest in the technology that will allow these officers to do even more. The overhaul of our city's CCTV system is another step towards building a safer Jersey City.

You can read more about this upgrade by clicking here