One Jersey City

This week in Jersey City, we continue to make progress on our commitment to bridge the gap between neighborhoods. Change doesn’t happen overnight, and big progress happens by taking small steps every single day. This week was particularly successful with regards to moving development away from the waterfront. 

West Side Development

This week, I am excited to announce the creation of a restaurant row on West Side Avenue, which will help grow the local economy and create vibrant street life along this crucial city corridor. Through a collaboration with the local community, and with Ward B Councilman John Hallanan, we have presented a plan to restructure the city's zoning to encourage restaurants to open up along fourteen blocks of West Side Avenue. 
We have also recently broken ground on another project that will continue to help transform the West Side neighborhood. The New Jersey City University's most recent project is a $400 million dollar mixed-use redevelopment project on the West Side, which will include housing and retail as a part of the university's exciting expansion.

You can read more about West Side's restaurant row by clicking here

Journal Square Art District Development

During the past few years, transformation has begun taking place in Journal Square, and we are excited to see what the future holds for this dynamic Jersey City neighborhood. We have worked to encourage investment and development in this area at an incredible rate, and this new development has brought new businesses, new jobs and new residents with it. 

We hope to continue to build on this progress in Journal Square through the creation of a cultural arts district. Recent zoning changes will allow for this idea to become a reality, and we hope to encourage new theaters, art galleries, and museums to open up in this neighborhood as well. 

You can read more about Journal Square development by clicking here.

General Development
Finally, in addition to the progress we have seen in West Side and Journal Square, we have implemented two new redevelopment plans in neighborhoods of the city that will truly benefit from new investment and development. These include Ocean Avenue in Greenville and Jackson Hill along Martin Luther King Drive and Monticello Avenue. With the help of the community, we developed these plans to attract new businesses, and bring new jobs and opportunities to two important Jersey City neighborhoods. They are moving forward to create a framework for the future of these communities. 

A city can only truly thrive if residents in all neighborhoods have an opportunity to succeed. In Jersey City, we are working everyday to bring growth, prosperity and investment to each and every one of our city's unique neighborhoods.