After This Week's Election

After this week's election, I wanted to send a weekly update focused on a national holiday that reminds us of why our nation is, and always has been, truly great. 

Today is Veterans Day, and as both a veteran and a mayor, I am proud of all we have accomplished in Jersey City to celebrate and support our veterans. From tackling veterans' homelessness, to providing job and training opportunities to veterans, we have worked hard to ensure that these men and women receive the services they truly deserve. 

Tomorrow, Saturday, November 12th, Jersey City will hold its second annual Parade of Veterans and Heroes. I hope you take the time to join us as we recognize and honor our veterans and their families, both in Jersey City and across our nation. The parade begins at 12pm at Dickinson High School, and will proceed down Newark Avenue to City Hall. 

Last year marked Jersey City's first ever Veterans Day parade, created as a way to not only honor our veterans and their families, but to reaffirm our city's commitment to veterans' issues. As a city, we are dedicated to doing more for our veterans than simply saluting them once a year at our parade, and I look forward to improving the policies and programs that will make a real difference in their lives on a daily basis. We have worked hard to increase access to jobs and affordable veteran housing, and will continue to do everything possible help veterans succeed upon returning home. 

I hope you take a moment today to thank a veteran for their service to our nation, and I hope you can join us in celebrating all of our veterans tomorrow. You can read more about tomorrow's parade here